Presentations and Documents and Research, Oh My!

The latter half of the past week, as well as most of this week, consisted (will consist) primarily of working on our project plan document and our presentations.  On the 23rd, we’ll be giving team status reports, talking about the status of our machines, our project plan document, etc.  These will be short, only about five minutes.

Beginning on the 28th, the various capstone teams will begin presenting their project plans.  This is mostly just a brief version of the project plan document.  This will be about a fifteen minute presentation.  I’m slightly concerned that we can’t stretch our material out to fifteen minutes, because our project is pretty simple to explain–touch gestures for Firefox on Mac OS X.  There’s not a whole lot more to say, except to explain the specifics of what we’ll be doing.

The project plan document will be quite a bit more work than the presentation.  This is to give a functional, design, and technical specification for both the client and Dr. Dyksen to view.  We’ve gotten a pretty good start on it, but once again, we’re want for length because the project is pretty simple to explain in terms of what it does and how it looks.

As of yet, the team feels that we know too little about Firefox’s architecture and inner workings to be able to speak with detail and correctness in our technical specification, but said technical spec will probably contain the bulk of the material in the document.  I feel it’s gonna take a substantial amount of research to determine how Firefox is put together, and thus, where our work will fit into it.

Much of the architecture is in place already, fortunately.  Multi-touch gestures are recognized by the OS and picked up by a callback in Firefox’s low-level components.  It then generates a Gecko event (which is platform independent), and sends it up to the higher-level components.  So, all of the detection is already implemented for us–we just have to implement the action itself.  Still unsure where and how we’ll do that, and how to fit it into the existing framework.  Figuring those things out is the plan for the next week or so.


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